June 22, 2018

Warphole® Press Release Backyard

CHICAGO, Illinois

The smell of cut grass, charcoal, and ....whomp! - the sound of bags hitting the board. The game of cornhole and summertime seem to go hand in hand. And whether you call it cornhole or bags, you have probably thrown a few. The lawn game, which grew in popularity in the late 1970’s and early 80’s is now a more than half billion-dollar industry!

It’s so big, that it’s expanding out of backyards, and into tailgate events, leagues, and even on to the international stage. A world championship tournament covered on ESPN in July, 2017, was watched live by more than 300,000 people! That was more viewers than tuned into a MLB game airing at the same time. Industry leaders say the game’s portability and age-friendliness is key to its popularity.

According to a recent national study done by E2A Partners (Chicago), 1 in 5 households in America owns a set of boards. 80 million adults play the game at least once every year, with the majority of them being men, 25-34 years old. More adults played a game of cornhole in the past year, than went camping, played a round golf or even bowled.

This growth in popularity has retailers taking notice. Consumers can buy boards in just about any color, with team logos, and in several different sizes. Most buyers make their purchase online, with the majority of boards sold through Amazon or Walmart.com.

This surge in cornhole is prompting companies to come up with more innovative and challenging ways to play the game. Warphole ® (warpholebag.com) is one company taking the game to the next level. It’s patented boards create a more challenging game with it’s smooth, curved surface.

Understanding the magnitude and unique insights of the U.S. cornhole playing population is important for retailers, distributors and industry organizations alike. Connecting and engaging this passionate group will help grow business and serve as a platform for category influence and innovation. For more details about this study or for the team behind it, visit E2APartners.com.


E2A Partners Contact:
Art Angel
E2A Partners, president


Warphole® Contact:
Kim Angel
Warphole®, VP Marketing & Media


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