Warphole® Retailer Program

Elevate Your Line of Outdoor Games this Summer & Fall!

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Outdoor retailers, it’s time to step up your game this Summer and Fall 2023 with Warphole®, the Curved Cornhole™ that’s revolutionizing backyard fun for consumers in the US!

Warphole® takes the classic game of cornhole to new heights with its innovative curved design + 2-Point shot. Stocking Warphole® will make your store the go-to destination for customers seeking the latest and most exciting outdoor games.

With four playing zones and a 2-point shot on each board, our Curved Cornhole™ game creates a whole new experience, challenging even the most seasoned bags player & rewarding those that play to win. Our patented Warphole® curve has quickly gained popularity among cornhole enthusiasts and new consumer segments that are playing at home and in tournaments across the country.

Unlike the traditional cornhole game sets, Warphole® is a new product innovation that is both differentiated and protected which attracts new consumer segments to the game of cornhole. By offering Warphole, you'll provide your customers with an entertaining and versatile game that's perfect for any occasion. Add Warphole to your lineup and watch the excitement unfold!

At its core, our Warphole® Retailer Program is tailored for independent retailers that sell outdoor equipment and games.  Our base offering is 18 game sets (that's how many we can fit on a pallet).  You can find those details here.  If you are interested in ordering more than 18 game sets, please contact us:

art.angel@warpholebags.com | +1 (630) 940-6402

Let’s get you set up today and ride the Warphole® Wave!

Warphole Curved Cornhole with Scoring Retailer Set Image

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at:
+1 (866) 471-6464 or the.team@warpholebags.com