Top-10 Holiday Gift Ideas

We walked into the store this week and ***GASP*** Christmas decorations were out. #TooSoon We agree it’s way too early to start thinking about the holidays, but it reminded us how quickly the months go once the kids are back in school. And it never hurts to start shopping early to help manage the holiday-spending budget. So, let’s start getting the juices flowing on great gift ideas for all the cool moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors out there so this holiday season you can spend your time celebrating together instead of shopping. Plus, between now and the end of the year, surely someone in your household has a birthday!


  1. Warphole Curved Cornhole

What’s great about Warphole – and, really, any cornhole game set – is that you can have just as much fun playing indoors as you can outside. While chilly weather and snow is good for keeping your beer cold while playing, it can make the bag tossing tough. And if you get or give a new Warphole board set under the tree this year, you’ll be ready to roll when springtime comes around again. Warphole is the original curved cornhole, that is taking the cornhole world by storm. Amateurs and pros alike agree, Warphole is what’s next in cornhole. Let’s play!



  1. Happy Scoop from The Happyware Co.

Share a little happiness this holiday season! This made-in-the-USA, 100% aluminum ice cream scoop is a scooping game-changer! Perfectly weighted. Ergonomically designed for easier scooping. Dishwasher-safe. Beautiful, modern gift box makes the gift getting and giving oh so fun. Let’s get happy today and start scooping!

Link: The Happy Scoop: Best & Last Ice Cream Scoop You'll Ever Need

  1. Spice up the holidays with The Spice House Essentials Set:

In our house, we use this set 365-days a year. From the grill to the bar, fresh spices make all the difference when you’re preparing food and drinks for friends. And nothing gets better than our local favorite, The Spice House in Chicago.



  1. BrewDog Non-Alcoholic Beer Club

We know that the holidays are one of the biggest and busiest times of year to entertain! Why not stock the fridge this year with something new? One of our favorite breweries is BrewDog out of Columbus, OH. Not only do they make delicious microbrews, but they also have an extensive, delicious line of non-alcoholic (NA) beers. Their Non-Alcoholic Beer Club is the perfect gift for someone who likes to entertain and have great options for everyone!



  1. Candle of the month club

This is one of our favorite gifts on the list! Who can resist a captivating scent when your guests walk through the door. Talk about setting the mood! And don’t think candles are just for gals. Plenty of masculine and earthy scents here. With Wickbox, you take a “scent profile” quiz to determine your perfect scent profile, so what you get is what you like! Breathe in…breathe out…and start enjoying your monthly candle delivery!



  1. Sharpest looking knives in the kitchen by Coolina

Some people might think it’s weird to give (or get) a knife as a present, but not us! In fact, this super cool Coolina knife was one of our favorite gifts last year. 100% carbon steel, make in the USA and is the coolest kitchen knife you’ve probably never heard of! Made of carbon steel, made in the USA, and designed with a tough-as-nails yet gorgeous rustic look. These knives are SWEET, and definitely different from what most people are expecting! They even offer custom engraving, which is perfect for a gift.



  1. The coolest 2-person hammock ever:

Hammocks are all the rage this year! Take it to a park, cuddle up while camping, or even hang it between the birches in your backyard. What makes this one different than the rest is that it’s made to comfortably fit two adults. What sounds more relaxing than that? And it folds up to be compact and will fit perfectly under the tree.



  1. Wood-Look Inflatable Hot Tub:

Where my warm-weather peeps, at? This is by far the coolest looking inflatable hot tub we’ve ever seen. And we’ve been looking at a bunch, ever since we all started spending a lot of time at home. Haven’t quite bit the bullet yet, but this might just be the motivation we need. It’s inflatable, looks like it’s made from wood which gives it a really cool look, and is compact enough to not take up too much space.



  1. Backyard glitzy gazebo:

If we had one wish this holiday season, it would be to create and share more memorable moments with our family and friends. Doing things that bring us together, give us reason to relax and cheers to the season. This instant igloo fits the bill perfectly! What a cool (no pun intended) gift and pop-up surprise for the girls and guys that have everything.



  1. Ultra-premium cutting board & chopping block:

This is one of those things you never buy yourself. But, man, when you have a good one you never go back. This Made In cutting board is sure to not only be the perfect place to slice your Christmas ham or NYE roast, it’ll be a show-stopper with it’s beautiful beechwood and incredible quality. We’re definitely adding this to our Santa list!


The team at Warphole has compiled this list for fun! It’s all stuff we use or would like to use and are not getting kick-backs from any of the brands. That being said, we also can’t guarantee your satisfaction with any of the products, pricing or customer service experience on the list. But we would love to hear from you if you have any gift ideas you’d like to be considered for future blog posts. Thanks for reading and happy wedding season 2022! Let’s party!!