About Us

Curved Cornhole by Warphole® brings what’s next for all cornhole players across the globe!  Time to up your cornhole game and ride the wave of Warphole.

The toss, the distance, and the rules are generally the same as cornhole. So, what’s the difference? The CURVED BOARD & the addition of a 2-POINT shot.

Our unique patented curved design makes this new outdoor game the most challenging and most exciting game of bags you’ll ever play!  And the 2-Point shot adds a whole new level of strategy, rewarding those players that are aggressive and risk takers. 

Founded in 2012 by a team of entrepreneurial brothers from Ohio, the idea of Warphole® was sparked during a family get-together. Over a few beverages and friendly game of cornhole, one asked the question,  “Why has no one come up with a more interesting design for this?” Good question. So, they started tinkering.

In 2017, Warphole®, a new version of the cornhole game, was born.  Warphole®’s design is focused on the curved playing surface that elevates the level of play and provides a new challenge to the game.

All Warphole® products are US-patented, crafted of premium materials, and certified U.S. made.

Our core values (principles) are simple.

  • Discipline, Passion, Persistence, Loyalty, and Consumer-Focus

And help us champion what we believe in, every day, through our Warphole products and the playing experience:

  • Bringing family and friends together
  • Fierce but friendly competition among friends & family
  • Premium products, premium fun
  • Midwest values and drive